There are several problems that may occur during the firing of the C&B. 
The action to be taken is outlined below:
10. "CLICK, NO POP-NO BOOM”………………….the cap does not fire!
This condition may be caused by a bad cap, a cap not seated properly on the nipple, or
the cap may have fallen off the nipple.  The following action shall be taken:
a. The shooter may choose to accept this as a miss and make no further effort to 
discharge the chamber while on the clock.
b. The shooter may re-index the revolver and strike the cap a second time, or the shooter
may continue to fire the remaining shots from the revolver until the offending cap
again comes into battery, and then make a second attempt to fire it.
c. If the chamber does not fire on the second attempt, the shooter may try re-capping the
chamber if desired.  If the shooter elects to accept a miss, or if the revolver cannot be
made to fire, either ground or hand off the revolver.
11. “POP, NO BOOM”………………….the cap fires but the chamber does not!
a. This condition may be due to a plugged nipple, or the shooter may have forgotten to
charge that chamber.
b. There is no Hang-Fire problem specific to the C&B revolver, and coupled with the
fact that the C&B revolver is designed to accommodate an out of battery discharge, it
is not necessary to pause.
c. The fired cap is the same as  “NO” cap and that chamber is not loaded.
d. The shooter may continue to fire the remaining chambers and then, at the shooter's
discretion, hand off, ground, or holster the revolver.
Clearing C&B revolvers with caps fired on un-charged chambers is a standard procedure 
to clear the nipples of oil and residue.  This shall be done on the firing line after getting 
permission from the posse marshal/leader.
If the shooter, after clearing a problem with the firearm, finds it necessary to discharge a 
round down range, FIRST get permission from the posse marshal/leader. 
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