OK all you Real Cowboys, I’m callin’ ya out.

I’ve got a fifty dollar bill just burnin’ a hole in my pocket so here’s the deal.

This year we’re giving it all to Roy and Dale’s kids. That’s right 100% of the entry fees collected for this years Thunder Valley will be donated to
Roy and Dale’s Happy Trails Children’s Foundation.

Now we’re lookin’ to up the ante.

We have a new category called Real Cowboy and it is going to be good. One revolver with re-loads on the clock and we’ve just added Real Cowgirl for the ladies.

Now the challenge part.

If I don’t win this category I’m throwin’ this $50.00 bill in the pot. 
That’s right, another $50.00 for Roy and Dale’s kids and I’m challenging the rest of the Real Cowboys to do the same.

So how about it, all you Real Cowboys, are you up to the challenge?

If ya are just let me know at [email protected] or at the range on match day.

Shucks, wouldn’t hurt my feelins none if all ya’ll wanted to git in on this one but I’m just callin’ out the varmints that claim to be Real Cowboys.

Thanks to everyone
Thunder Valley and Rowdy's Challenge raise 

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