Photos by Prof. Fuller Bullspit
All contents copyrighted 2004-2008
"Thunder Valley" 2008
"Big Mama"

Sacramento Johnson's 10 gauge

Innocent Bystander & "Big Mama"

Kentucky Gal

Stickin' the Hawk!
Had to be one of these four.

Justin' O'Sheriff - Beartrap Bandit - Slim Ace - Tommy Hawk

Mountain Griz

Jittery Jim

Really! It's
Forty Rod

Professor Cubby Bear


Tommy Hawk


Roan Henry on the reload

Sacramento Johnson

Howdy Doody
lookin' for his targets?
To your left, Howdy! To your left.

Red Sun
Looses the Hawk
Rowdy Yates chasen his foe as he tries to leave town
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