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Stage 1
10 Pistol holstered. 
10 Rifle and have 7 rounds on ya for reloading. Rifle staged on table. .
    10 Josey Wales (carried holstered or staged on table)
    12 Monte Walsh  (up to 6 loaded in magazine and 6 for loading on the clock) 
    9 Plainsman (load only on the clock)

Shooter starts behind table with hands at side.

When ready, shooter calls out, "What! No shotgun?"

On the buzzer, draw pistol. Shoot 

 Draw pistol and shoot circle targets. 
Target order. FL, FR, BL, BR, BL, FR, FL, FR, BL & BR.
(FL = Front Left and so on) 

Pick up rifle. 
  Pistol Lever Rifle shoot all daimonds then all circles then all diamonds.
  Reload and shoot circles and diamonds once each. 

  Josey Wales shoot all daimonds in a Nevada Sweep starting on either side.

  Rifle Lever Rifles (Monte Wlash) sweep 3 squares then 3 diamonds. Repeat.

  Plainsman sweep 3 squares then 3 diamonds then 3 squares.