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Stage 1 "Far and Wide"

The western landscape can be breathtakingly beautiful. The mountains are tall, the grass is high and the sky stretches out forever. 
For the stage, you'll need:

10 Pistol 
10 Rifle (Josey Wales will use 1 or 2 pistols as needed, stage as
                  rifle or carried in holsters on person)
             (Monte Walsh and Plainsman, 5 rounds)
  0+ Shotgun 

Shooter starts in circle both revolvers holstered, shotgun and rifle on the table. 

When ready, shooter says, "Far and wide as the western sky!" 

At the buzzer:

- Move to table and with rifle engage the four nearest rifle targets in a Lawrence Welk sweep: 1-2-2-3-3-3-4-4-4-4 starting at the farthest of the four targets. 

Monte Walsh/Plainsman engage all five rifle targets with one
shot starting with the farthest target.

- With pistols engage the 10 pistol knockdown targets with 10 shots.

- With shotgun, knock over remaining targets. Shooter may move laterally with open shotgun or with hammer(s) down on empty hulls.