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Book Reviews
"Shooting Buffalo Rifles of the Old West"
          by Mike Venturino   (review by Engineer BILL)
"Loading Cartridges for the Original .45-70 Springfield Rifle and Carbine"
          by J.S. and Pat Wolf    (review by Engineer BILL)
"Old Gunsights, A Collector’s Guide, years 1850 – 1963"
          by Nick Stroebel (review by Engineer BILL)
"The Paper Jacket"
          by Paul Matthews (review by Engineer BILL)
"Through the Crosshairs", a History of Snipers
          by Andy Dougan (reviewed by Engineer BILL)
         by Tom (Forty Rod) Taylor
"Percussion Pistols and Revolvers" (history, performance and practical Use)
        by Johnny Bates abd Mike Cumpston (reviewed by Susitna Slim)
"Outdoor Pastimes of an American Hunter"(reviewed by Prof. Fuller Bullspit)
      by Bill Wilbur (reviewed by E. Ervin Tibbs,  Author of Sunset Tomorrow)
"Cavanaugh: The Last Bounty"
        by Tom "Forty Rod Taylor
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