How well do you know your guns?
Dec 22 - Dec 28 - Jan 3
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 This is a photo of an original Protector Model Revolver 1876 by Norwich Arms Co.

Norwich Arms Co. seems to have made guns for every department store, drug store and hardware store on the east coast. Was sold under several different names and models with several different configurations. Grips came rounded, squared and birdshead with other custom styles. In wood, shell and stone Barrels where available in round and octagon. Cylinders came fluted and un-fluted. Finished in nickel, blued, case colored, engraved and jeweled for the high end users.

I started to recearch these little guns and found that not only did Norwich Arms Co. make several models but there were also several arms manufacturers copying these Norwich revolvers. They too were sold with the name of the companies buying them stamped on them. Even Sear and Robucks had their own models.

These were very fashionable carry guns in the eastern cities.

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