How well do you know your guns?
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JARRE Bte. SGDG, Støckel: "J. Jarre received 1859-1862 various patents for harmonica pistols, 28 bd Poissonnière, Paris." A very rare eight-shot-harmonica-magazine-pistol. Unlike the other variations this has a 4½" barrel with inscribed name. The serial #195 is under the barrel and on the harmonica. The cal. 9mm pinfire. As fashionable at the time the iron parts kept in the white. Backstrap, barrel lug and butt cap engraved, plain ebony grips. The extended trigger is to move the harmonica and cock the hammer.

And if anyone is interested this gun is for sale right now for $12,500 USD in Texas.

Most common are the 6 and/or 10 shot harmonica pistol, cal. 7mm pinfire. 
Though these had multiple barrels.
The harmonica is removed for loading. 
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