How well do you know your guns?
Sept 1-7
From this image, do you know what gun it is?
 Here's the full image
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Times posted are times received on west coast USA.
    first answer received   Sept 1   2:32am
 1 Delmonico the Crazy Cosinero Sept 1   6:09am
 2 Jim Kirby Sept 1  6.22am
 3 Max Doolin' Sept 1 10:00pm
 4 Mark Flint Sept 2 10:32am
 5 F.J. Nickelsmith Sept 2  1:05pm
 6 Qball          (Sweden) Sept 2  3:10pm
 7 Tame Bill Sept 6  6:34am
 8 Silver Creek Sam Sept 8  2:24pm
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