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Your favorite Black Powder Firearms
When selecting your handguns there are many factors to consider such as reliability and longevity.

While the Ruger Old Army is the top of the line out of the box it is also no longer in production. They are still around but currently cost whatever the market will bear with some running as high as eight to nine hundred dollars each.

The Rogers and Spencer would likely be the second choice in these two areas but they need a little tuning to make them trouble free. Currently these will run in the four to five hundred dollar range retail.

Next would be the Remington. These have gotten better in the last few years but also need similar attention as the Rogers and Spencer plus a little more that brings the cost of these up. The retail price for these runs in the two to three hundred dollar range but as previously stated this revolver will likely need a bit of tuning to make it perform as needed in Cowboy Action Shooting.

The open top Colt type require the most attention to be all they can be but in the opinion of many shooters, like me, they handle and point the best.

The bottom line is that the shooter must choose the handguns that fit him the best in looks and ergonomics and expect to pay some extra cash to make them the best they can be.