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"Old Gunsights, A Collector's Guide,
years 1850 - 1963"
by Nick Stroebel
Old Gunsights, A Collector’s Guide, years 1850 – 1963
By Nick Stroebel
1998 Krause Publications
Soft cover, 8 1/2 x 11, 320 pages
Features; text, 400+ black and white photos and reproductions of period catalogues and advertisements, lists of some ranges of market values

This book describes and identifies an incredible array of rifle, pistol and shotgun sights.  The major manufactures are listed alphabetically.  Some dollar values are given.

Period ads are used to illustrate some of the sights.  It is fun to read the old copy and see the prices from those days.  Being a collector’s guide, this book does not cover sight theory at all.

Some of the variations of rifle front sights illustrated are; blades on dovetails or ramps, globe sights with inserts and bubble levels, multiple blades of different heights rotating on a shaft parallel to the barrel, a shielded blade with small mirrors to reflect light onto the bead and that bead made of any one of a number of many different materials, gold, silver, ivory.

Human ingenuity is just incredible! If you’re looking for inspiration or believe you come up with a new idea take a look through this book.

Definitely of value as a reference work.
A book useful to have looked through.

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