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"The Paper Jacket"
by Paul Matthews
The Paper Jacket
by Paul Matthews 
Wolf Publishing Company, 1991
Features; text, black & white photos, dimensioned drawings
Soft cover, 6”x 9”,  140 pages

The paper patch bullet first appeared about 1870 and was the projectile of choice up until the turn of the century.  It was the best choice for hunting and target work, and was also chosen by the majority of the world’s armies of that time, with the sole exception of the United States.  A number of factors combined to remove the paper patched bullet from its position of popularity; the high cost of hand fabrication vs. machine made copper jacketed, or metal patched bullets, and the introduction of smokeless powders.

Plain lead bullet velocities are usually kept under about 1400ft./sec. to try to reduce the friction and heat generated as the bullet slides down the barrel so that none of the bullet gets left behind, smeared on the inside of the barrel as lead fouling.  A paper patched bullet is contained in a paper tube so that the lead of the bullet never touches the steel barrel.  Velocities can be increased for the benefits of flatter trajectory and greater bullet energy at impact resulting in better penetration and mushrooming.  The Author is an avid hunter and uses a soft lead bullet and a velocity of about 2100ft. /sec. to create an accurate hunting round that will mushroom to more than twice its original size on impact and remain mostly in one piece.

“The Paper Jacket” describes; lead bullet design and casting considerations, has recipes for lubes, suggestions for suitable patching paper, detailed tips on how to cut out and apply the paper patch, various pitfalls and how to deal with them.

These bullets are more work to make, needing to be carefully hand fabricated and requiring a sizing machine and dies. There are also decided advantages in niche applications we might find ourselves in.

The book is well written and illustrated and has got me thinking about making some paper patched bullets!  Engineer BILL

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