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General Rules for the Management of the Percussion Revolver
Odd guns
Civil War Guns
Vendors  that cater to Black Powder Shooters
Black Power guns and Smokeless powder
        Do Not go together!

Video showing 1851 Remington after having shot just one chamber of smokeless. Click here to see video.

Current NRA Legislative and Events Info
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Constitution 101 - The Meaning and History of the Constitution
Constitution 201 - The Progressive Rejection of the Founding and
     the Rise of Bureaucratic Despotism
Economics 101  - The Principles of Free Market Economics
History 102 - American Hertitage
   "From Colonial Settlement to the Reagan 
Rowdy Yates'  Black Powder Seminars 
Seminar #1 - Cap & Ball....Cowboy Action Style
Seminar #2 - Surviving A Black Powder Match...“With Success” 
Seminar #3 - Loading For Frontier Cartridge
The Safe Capping of the Percussion Revolvers by Old Scout
      Be patient! Lots of Pictures
Static Electricity and Black Powder by Dr. Stephen Wardlaw
Barrel Obstructions and Bulged Barrels by Dr. Stephen Wardlaw
Measuring Black Powder by Rowdy Yates
Modifying the Ejector in the H&R or NEF rifle to Extractor by Old Scout
The Sandy Hook Tests of 1879 - 45/70 at 2 miles by W. John Farquharson
How to use a Vernier Sight by Joseph F. Brennen
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Our Host Club
Double R Bar Regulators


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